What can a doctor do?

Your doctor will choose for you and your condition preferred drugs. There are a number of effective and safe drugs for the treatment of heart failure. It is important that you take medicines regularly and consistently follow your doctor's instructions. Treatment will not be successful if you take drugs occasionally or only for short periods.

"Drugs that prolong life"

The class of medicines known as ACE inhibitors such as enalapril and ramipril, and betaadrenergičnih receptor blockers, such as carvedilol, are crucial in the treatment, as lower blood pressure, reduce the burden on the heart and improve its performance. At the same time protect the heart muscle and reduce its further damage. It has been shown that the life expectancy of patients with heart failure who are taking medicines from these two groups, longer than those not taking these drugs.

"Drugs that improve the quality of life"

The class of medicines diuretics, digitalis glycosides and nitrates reduce or eliminate problems that accompany heart failure, and in this way provide a better quality of life. An important feature of the diuretics to promote excretion of excess fluid through the kidneys. You have to learn to identify problems and symptoms that occur due to fluid retention in the body, and you, in agreement with the doctor, taking diuretics administered alone. One of the simple ways is regularly weighing in the morning to urinate. On fluid retention shows a rapid increase in body weight (more than one and a half pounds a day).

Just as important as medicines to lower cholesterol in the blood, preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases, such as. simvastatin and atorvastatin, and medicines to prevent blood clotting.