Hangover and racing heart

Hangover and racing heart go sometimes hand IN hand. Have you ever asked yourself what are the most consequent effects on the body if you are person who is binge drinking or maybe what are actually the side effects (good or bad ones) of even consuming alcohol?

Alcohol or better, alcohol beverage is a drink which contains amounts of the drug ethanol which is highly psychoactive drug, depressant, it causes euphoria, reduces sociability and if you are consuming a lot of those substances you can even suffer from drunkenness, stupor and unconsciousness. If you are a long term consumer you can become and addict and because of alcohol abuse, you are now suffering from alcoholism.

binge drinking treatmentIf you are not familiar with this term you are possibly asking yourself what actually binge drinking is and what can you do about it if you ever come close to it?

Binge drinking is unnatural acting when you are drinking huge amounts of alcohol and you drink those amounts of alcohol regularly (couple of times per week and in amounts which are higher than the ones on a daily basis).

Because of the negative effects of alcohol, you can seriously endanger operation of your internal organs (they can simply shut down and they stop working) and not only that you are putting your physical condition into danger but you are also endangering your mental health (alcoholism is a very common cause for forming the different forms of depression).

If you would like to know more about negative effects of binge drinking and alcoholism I recommend you to read the article below where I will write about all the important things, you should know about it.

I will also write about rapid heartbeat symptoms and fast heart rate at night which can be also cause by alcohol abuse but that is not always the main cause. Read 12 Ways to Calm a fast Heartbeat if you need any advice on how to do that!


Binge drinking is not a natural acting and that means you are not doing anything good to your body and that means binge drinking gas negative effects on the body.

The first thing for binge drinkers is that they are suffering from a hangover. And what hangover is?

This is a condition where your body is in the stage of suffering because in one stage there is huge amount of alcohol in the system and after that body is suffering from a smaller dose of alcohol and it is in the stage of rejecting the amount of alcohol which was brought to the body.

When we are talking about hangover effects we usually have in mind like headaches, vomiting, loss of appetite, depression (emotional hangover) etc.

how to stop binge drinkingIf you are a binge drinker and you are looking for help for binge drinking, you wonder how to quit binge drinking and maybe how binge drinking treatment goes and you are constantly asking yourself: "How do I stop binge drinking?"

I have some answers for you. If you want to stop with this behavior you should not first, ask yourself how to stop binge drinking but why are you actually binge drinking at first place?

When you discover the trigger you should first remove the disrupter from you and you should already feel better.

When you removed the trigger I highly recommend that you slowly reduce the amount of alcohol you consumer per day.

If you are not able to reduce the alcohol to the minimum that is the sign that is time for a professional help before your problems with alcohol become even bigger.

Are you not a binge drinker yourself but you just want to help a person near you who is suffering from this bad habit and you would like to know how to help a binge drinker? You just read on.

You should first try to talk to the person and try to remove the triggers of binge drinking. You should try to address the person to reduce the amount of alcohol and if that person is not able to control the drinking habits anymore you should try to get a professional help and they will know exactly what treatment is the best for this person.

Quitting binge drinking isn't always easy but if you try enough and your wish is big enough there is the path and you will be able to achieve your goals and stop with destroying your body with binge drinking.

If your problems with alcohol are too big you should really look for a treatment for binge drinking and you will be able to stop with this bad habit at some point.

rapid heart beat at nightSYMPOMS OF RAPID HEART BEAT

Are you suffering from a racing heart beat or irregular heartbeats? Is your heart racing in the morning?

If you are and you don't know why is this happening to you, and you would like to know what are the treatments available for irregular heartbeats and racing heart, I recommend you read this article on.

When your heart is racing it is not pumping blood effective to the rest of the body and that means your organs and tissues are not getting the blood supply they need for normal working.

You might suffer from: dizziness, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, rapid pulse rate, heart palpitations, chest pain or maybe even fainting.

And what are the things which are the triggers for the rapid heartbeat? One of the most common triggers is low blood pressure but there is a lot of others too like: pneumonia, anemia, dehydration, drinking alcohol, drinking a lot of caffeine, heart disorders etc.

What are actually the signs that you have a rapid heartbeat? how to help a binge drinkerWhen you are looking for the symptoms you are usually looking for something of these:
  • You might feel palpitations
  • Feeling anxious
  • Feeling stressed
  • You feel your heart pounding very hard (it doesn't feel like it would usually)
  • Chest pain
  • You are tired or maybe feeling very weak
  • Lying flat in bed for too long
  • Swollen legs
  • You feel bloated etc.

If you are suffering from symptoms of rapid heartbeat or irregular heartbeats or symptoms below and you are looking for a treatment it is important that you look for a treatment which will be right for you and your problems.

In most cases there is no need for medical treatment but most of the people are asking themselves what do to for a racing heart?

irregular heartbeat causesI recommend you go to the doctor to be sure you don't need any medical treatment but it is important that you are acquaint to possible ways of relieving the pain:
  • Pressing gently on your eyeballs and keep your eyes closed
  • Cut down coffee
  • Cut down alcohol
  • Quit tobacco use
  • Get more rest etc.

Between these solutions is also cutting down alcohol and alcohol is usually between racing heart causes or irregular heart causes.

In this case the first thing to do to help your body is to slowly reduce the amount of alcohol daily intake and you will slowly see the progress.

If you are not able to reduce the alcohol amount and you are already having big troubles with alcoholism it is time to look for a professional help and professionals will know how to deal with this condition.


Are you waking up in in the middle of the night because of a racing heart beat and you don't know what the cause is? Are you not able to fall asleep again because you woke up with a racing heart beat and you don't know how to calm it down? Read 12 ways to calm a racing heart here!

If this is happening to you I know it is not comfortable and that it might be even scary sometimes but if you would like to know what to do in those situations, read on.

In a lot of cases a fast heart rate at night is nothing what would be dangerous but in some other cases a racing heart rate at night might be a sign of a much more serious condition. I recommend that you visit a doctor if this behavior is repeating just in case that he checks that everything is okay with your heart. You have nothing to lose.

In some cases, people with blood pressure problems are usually suffering from rapid heartbeat at night. Are you asking yourself why? The heart and the blood pressure are connected because they are mutually controlling one another.

For adults it is normal that their blood pressure is very low while they are sleeping but the problem may occur when blood pressure is so low and the body is not able to receive the amount of blood which is needed for normal operation and there the problems with fast heart rate start. The heart starts to beat faster and faster because it needs more blood and that is usually the cause of rapid heartbeat at night and you are having this weird feeling of heart pounding inside your chest.

The best to do is to go visit a doctor first to see if there are any problems with your blood pressure and if you need any medicine.

But there are also several different causes of fast heart rate at night and for instance: hangover. Because of the alcohol in your organism the body saps the reserves of glucose which is the source of the energy for the body. If your body wants to release those reserves, it needs to release molecules which cause metabolic acidosis and because of that the level of acidity in your bloodstream has increased. And that is the cause why your heart is beating faster. Hangover rapid heartbeat is one of the most common causes for very fast heart beating at night and that does nothing good to your heart and your bloodstream.

Here are some other possibilities like: it can be in your genes because low blood pressure is genetic, it might be caused because of your age (when you get older, your blood pressure drops), it can be caused by some medicines, you can be dehydrated, you can be anemic, having hormone problems etc. If you are suffering from anything from this, this might be your problem why your heart is racing at night.


how do i stop binge drinkingNow that you have read the article you are probably much more familiar with the following problem like you were before you started reading.

In my opinion alcoholism and binge drinking are 2 big problems and the most terrifying info is that binge drinking is more and more popular within younger populations, younger people because they mentality is going in the wrong direction and young people are not capable of having fun without any beverages and alcohol.

Now that you have read the article you are also informed about the bad sides of drinking alcohol and there is plenty of it. I don't think there are any positive sides of consuming alcohol at all.

Because of all those negative sides and all the negative things that usually happen after (for instance hangover, unconsciousness and in the end alcoholism and even death) I really think it is important that we inform younger adults that drinking alcohol is not a good thing and that they don't do anything good to their bodies in long term.

But this article is not about just bad things, now that you are informed about alcohol and you are informed about the consequences there in the article are some advices for heart problems which can be also caused because of alcohol abuse but that is not always accurate.

You can still suffer from racing heart or rapid heartbeat even though you are not consuming alcohol and if you are a person like that this article will definitely help you how to get rid of all those problems or even mild them down.

If this article was helpful to you I would be happy if you share it around and you will help me to get people informed about alcohol and you will also help people who are not alcoholic but they are suffering from symptoms below.